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Try and think of little ways to support the boys on the team that you cheer for. One of the things my squad does is EVERY game we stand out in front of their bench in two lines and scream and yell for them as their number is being called. You can also mix it up. If you have more then 7 girls, make some kind of mount or pyramid for them to run through. If you have 12 or more girls attempt the double pyramids (you can find that picture under the category of mounts). Don’t forget your pom poms!

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Having Trust Issues?

This is a good drill to practice if you have a cheerleader who is afraid to fall in a basket toss. Trust is the key. Normally on our squad it’s the brand new 7th grader that ends up being our flyer. Her weight is normally the only factor involved. So us older girls on the squad have to work on their trust issues. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes not. But once they know that they can do it they normally turn out to be wonderful at it.

You can split into groups for this one, there isn’t a certain number you need to have, but  six works very well.

To start off have all the girls stand in two lines facing each other. Have them link arms where one girl’s hands are holding onto the other’s elbow. Go out in a yard and have one girl stand in front of the “tunnel” of girls with her back facing them. The girl in front says “Catcher’s ready?” If they are they respond “Catcher’s ready, fall when ready.” The front girl says “Falling” and the catcher’s respond “Fall.” With this the girl falls back into the other’s arms, much like a cradle or basket-toss.

Make sure every girl takes a turn. After the last person  has gone on ground level keep move onto something higher up (i.e. tree stumps, chairs, tables, porches, etc). Keep moving the fall point higher until you are the faller is high as she would be in an extension.

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Why Would You Hire a Cheerleader?

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This is a good timeout cheer!

I don’t know what you’ve been told

(I don’t know what you’ve been told)

Cougars are as good as gold

(Cougars are as good as gold)

If you heard what I just said

(If you heard what I just said)

Get on your feet and do our beat!

(Get on your feet and do our beat!)

Beat – s.s.c.s(pause)s.c.s.s.c (do this beat twice through)

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These are some great rules…….

…that I think EVERY cheerleader should follow. I found a great website that I am borrowing them from:)http//

By: Lauren White
Here are some of the Basic Rules of Cheerleading, each squad has it’s own style and rules, but these are the understood rules each individual cheerleader should follow- the unspoken rules.’
1. Smile during a game or performance. Look like you are having fun (even if you’re not).
2. Pay attention to the game. (Is your team offense or defense? Are you winning or losing? Who has the ball?) The game should affect how you cheer and what you say.
3. Pay attention to what your team is doing and what they are planning to do, don’t wait until the last minute before a stunt or performance to ask questions. Walking out to perform is not the time to ask “What are we doing!?” or “Where do I go!?”
4. If you make a mistake, don’t draw more attention to yourself. If you make a mistake, don’t stop in the middle and tell your neighbor; don’t double over laughing; just keep going. I’ve seen many cheerleaders do this and it isn’t attractive or cute. If you mess up, chances are not many people noticed. Mistakes are inevitable, it’s how you react to your mistake that is important.
5. Stay in your formation. If you are standing on the sidelines or side court, don’t EVER walk to another position to talk to a friend. Stay in line. Cheerleaders are supposed to be cheering on the team, not carrying on a conversation amongst each other. It’s Ok to look like you’re having fun, you can even chat about the game with the cheerleader next to you- but t his isn’t the time to talk about boyfriends and what you did last weekend.
6. During halftime, most cheerleading squads go to meet and introduce each other. Some teams even introduce the opponents cheerleaders to their own crowds., they may partner up, make a brief introduction (your name and year), and then you are supposed to do , a tumble pass, a jump, or a partner stunt. Don’t be a showoff, if you can do 10 toe touches in a row that is great, but don‘t do it during intros. 

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Check out my Slide Show!

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Whether your team is shooting a free throw or trying to get the rebound your cheerleaders should be doing something. If they are shooting, do something simple so it doesn’t take away from your boys. If they are getting the rebound then go into a  formation, lift, mount or some type of pyramid. Mix it up. Here we are yelling for them to get the rebound.

P.S. For cool formation ideas check out the category of mounts.

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We wear our cheerleading uniforms to school every time we have a home game that night.

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Some Girls Won’t be Caught Dead……

…wearing hair ribbon. But then there are those girls who won’t leave the house without it. This was the first year (2008) that our squad was required to wear it to every game. While it is a hassle at times I think it was well worth it. It makes the squad look sharp and unified, and it is super cute……if you wear it right. I’m not into the whole “make the bow bigger then my head” type of ribbon. I found this site that is really helpful for making ribbon, cute and cheap.


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 I did not post this video because I thought it was funny!!! I have never seen a toss done like this before. Watch the bases hands and see how they are intertwined. It seems like it would be a ton easier to toss the flyer like that.

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This is SUPER crazy!!!

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