Need a great Pep Rally idea? Well here it is! This is great if you need to take up time at a school function. Pick a few well known crowd cheers, some easy and some hard. Then call up fellow school mates and teachers to do the cheers with you. Its great fun to see them attempt to get the moves and words right!


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Great Pep Rally Game

First you need to get a paper bag (a grocery bag works well). Then,  figure out the order of girls from heaviest to lightest. The heaviest girl goes first. All the other squad members grab a hold of her and pick her up, then  they lower her down towards the bag. The girl has to grab the bag in her mouth and is not allowed to move by herself. Once she gets the bag in her mouth she is put back on her feet. Cut off the top part of the bag. The more girls you have on your squad, cut off less of the bag so everyone has a chance to go.

Keep working your way down until you get to the smallest girl. By the time it is her turn there should only be about an inch left to the bag then have the last girl pick it up with her teeth and keep it.

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Paying for Spirit Week

We all know that spirit week can be costly. So to help defray the cost the cheerleaders put on a hot lunch for the students. Hot lunches are a special treat at our school so for your school if they are a regular occurrence then it might not work. We normally just serve Pizza.

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“Decking the Halls” for Spirit Week

Every year for spirit week we always decorate the school with balloons, streamers, posters, and all sorts of crazy blue and white things (our school colors). It gets the students pepped up about the week.

Each one of our cheerleaders was given a wall to decorate in our school. This was my wall. I took pictures from each team’s season and posted them up, the words by the megaphone is a phrase from one of our cheers (you can find it on the bottom of this post). One of the girls had little cut out basketballs with the boy’s numbers and names in them and then had a wall title of “who shakes the court”. Another girl had blue megaphones with all of the cheerleader’s names in them. It was fun to see who could get the most creative. I think the students were impressed at some of the things we did. Make sure you have posters up listing all of the themes for each day; it gets a lot more people involved if they know what is going on each day.

Stomp your feet and listed to the beat of the mighty mighty cougars walking down the street! Were having lots of fun and won’t stop till we’re done, so listen up! We’re number one!


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Fundraising Idea


Langs Auto is a BIG supporter of ours and this year to show our gratitude we decided to support them for a change. So for one of our games instead of wearing our cheerleading vests we wore their company shirts and hats. We put up posters to promote the business. They gave us extra shirts to throw out to the crowd. They loved it. This would be a good fundraiser or a cool Spirit week idea. Tell a company that you will promote their business if they will make a donation to your squad.

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Parent/Alumni Game


 Every year we host what we call our Parent/Alumni Game. Since we have a volleyball team and a basket ball team, both teams play that night. The past graduates (alumni) and the parents of the players come out and challenge the teams. Normally the volleyball games are co-ed and the basketball game is just for men. This is a great time to promote school fundraisers and maybe have a few other things out to raise some money such as having a bake sale and whatnot. Here at PBS it is normally our first game of the season, or if we need another home game for spirit week.  It is a great way to raise money, get the families of the church and school involved, and catch up with all of the past graduates. Advertising the night is key!!!!


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Need Spirit Week Ideas?

At my school, the cheerleaders are totally in charge of spirit week. We do all of the planning the running and the money making. (We do tend to spend also) Throughout the week we dress up as something each day. We have all school games in the gym throughout the week. Sometimes they go along with the theme for the day sometimes they don’t. The most important thing is to find games that the senior guy right down to the K4 girl will want to do.

Here is a list of themes that we have done in the past few years.

To see pictures and get some more helpful ideas look on my personal blog. The date is around February or March.

Military Day – Pick your favorite branch of the military and support it!

School Color Day – This is a must for a game day! It’s great to see just how creative the students can get!

Pirate Day – Dress like Jack!

Hillbilly Day – This is for all of us who are from a school in the middle of a cornfield! (No really, I am)

Nerd/Crazy Hair/Clash Day – This one is my favorite day! You can just get right out of bed and go to school! After throwing on the closest set of non-matching clothes!

Class Color Day – Give each class a color and have them all dress in that color!

Formal Day – Here is where all of the girls can get out those Prom dresses they only wear once normally! Sorry Guys….it’s suit and tie for you:)

 Stripe and Polka Dot Day – Though is it close to clash day it’s a refreshing theme if every year you do the same things. It’s a way to mix things up and get the kids to think a little more!

Duct Tape Day – This day was great! We had all sort of people participate, even those who never do anything! You have to spend time on this one that’s for sure!

T-shirt Day – Take a t-shirt and see who can get the most creative on decorating it!

Inside Out Day – Wear all of your clothes inside out!

Flashback Day –  Dress from any generation. Dress up as a Bible character or a knight in shining armor.

Around the World Day – Dress up like the different cultures of the world! This is great if you have a missions theme during the week!



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