Fundraising Idea


Langs Auto is a BIG supporter of ours and this year to show our gratitude we decided to support them for a change. So for one of our games instead of wearing our cheerleading vests we wore their company shirts and hats. We put up posters to promote the business. They gave us extra shirts to throw out to the crowd. They loved it. This would be a good fundraiser or a cool Spirit week idea. Tell a company that you will promote their business if they will make a donation to your squad.


April 3, 2008. Fundraiser, My Team, Spirit Week. Leave a comment.

2007/2008 Cheerleading Squad


Before I get too much into this there are some girls I want to introduce to you. My fabulous teammates! We are considered a varsity squad and this past year we really did earn the title. Front row, left to right, we have Lindsey (9th), Sam (11th), Destiny (7th), and Kayla (10th). Back row, left to right, we have Fallon (7th), Cougar Sarah (6th), and last but certainly not least, me, Jillian (12th).

March 16, 2008. My Team. Leave a comment.