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Getting a sweet spot

A good stunt or mount will be safe at all times. Never never go into a lift with a basket toss or some kind of drop where the flyer does not have a spotter behind her. You could have performed this stunt 100 time perfect in practice, but remember at anytime something unexpected could happen when you get out there to perform it. Keep your squad safe at all times. Here are some good tips for the spotter.

  1. Hands Up! Reaction time can be wasted moving your hands. Keep your hands at an appropriate level, at least chest high.
  2. Keep your eyes on the flyer. A spotter must not be distracted by anything. However, use peripheral vision to make sure that nothing (like a ball or a mascot) will interfere with a stunt.
  3. If you are not familiar with a stunt or don’t feel you can adequately spot a stunt, just say no!
  4. Use hands-on spotting for inexperienced stunters or groups trying new stunts.
  5. This is what we call our double lift. You can also put one in front of the other so that it has a tier effect.

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

We incorporated a liberty into the end of one of our hello cheers for half time. In the picture you only see half of the girls but we were doing the exact same thing on the other side. You can switch things up to suit your squad better. If you have little bit heftier girls you can make the bases go into a lunge instead of getting on their knees. This is how we originally started out doing the lunge but we found it a lot easier to go to our knees instead. If the flyer puts her leg up closest to the base then it helps with balance. If they have a hard time staying up then place another girl next to them, (like in the picture) then instead of having her right arm on her hips it can be at the flyers waist.

P.S. See the hair ribbon? I told you it was super cute! (April 3rd post)

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LOL! This picture was actually taken my 7th grade year of cheerleading in 2003. Shhh don’t tell these girls I posted this! They would be appalled!

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The middle girl is actually sitting on the base with her knees on either side of her this time. If you are concerned about the girls on the end with their legs up, just put snaps on all of the girls skirts.

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The “Center Piece”


For the next few mount pictures this is the foundation of the mount. The base needs to be a bigger girl, and when I say bigger I mean bigger than the flyer. As you can see in the picture that is not the case, but the base was very sturdy so it works. Ideally if the base is larger, the flyer can stay up longer. The flyer mounts the base by placing her hands on the over base’s hip and then lifts herself up knees first (base must be as low as possible; it works better if she has her elbows on her knees for support). Flyer must stay bent in half until she has her balance, then sit up, hand in a high V. To dismount, flyer must slide her legs to either side of the base in a straddle position and then slide down.

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Cheerleaders know that pyramids were not built in Egypt.


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The Double Pyramid


These are what we call our double pyramids. We normally use these during a free throw or a rebound. You can start your cheer and go into the mount really easy(if there is no stomping involved). It makes it easier on the bases if they cross their arms with the each other as you can see them doing in the picture. The flyer must stay on the balls of her feet in order to keep her balance on the bases, the further back she is on their back the better. Bases remember to keep your heads up with a smile!

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