Having Trust Issues?

This is a good drill to practice if you have a cheerleader who is afraid to fall in a basket toss. Trust is the key. Normally on our squad it’s the brand new 7th grader that ends up being our flyer. Her weight is normally the only factor involved. So us older girls on the squad have to work on their trust issues. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes not. But once they know that they can do it they normally turn out to be wonderful at it.

You can split into groups for this one, there isn’t a certain number you need to have, but  six works very well.

To start off have all the girls stand in two lines facing each other. Have them link arms where one girl’s hands are holding onto the other’s elbow. Go out in a yard and have one girl stand in front of the “tunnel” of girls with her back facing them. The girl in front says “Catcher’s ready?” If they are they respond “Catcher’s ready, fall when ready.” The front girl says “Falling” and the catcher’s respond “Fall.” With this the girl falls back into the other’s arms, much like a cradle or basket-toss.

Make sure every girl takes a turn. After the last person  has gone on ground level keep move onto something higher up (i.e. tree stumps, chairs, tables, porches, etc). Keep moving the fall point higher until you are the faller is high as she would be in an extension.


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