Getting a sweet spot

A good stunt or mount will be safe at all times. Never never go into a lift with a basket toss or some kind of drop where the flyer does not have a spotter behind her. You could have performed this stunt 100 time perfect in practice, but remember at anytime something unexpected could happen when you get out there to perform it. Keep your squad safe at all times. Here are some good tips for the spotter.

  1. Hands Up! Reaction time can be wasted moving your hands. Keep your hands at an appropriate level, at least chest high.
  2. Keep your eyes on the flyer. A spotter must not be distracted by anything. However, use peripheral vision to make sure that nothing (like a ball or a mascot) will interfere with a stunt.
  3. If you are not familiar with a stunt or don’t feel you can adequately spot a stunt, just say no!
  4. Use hands-on spotting for inexperienced stunters or groups trying new stunts.
  5. This is what we call our double lift. You can also put one in front of the other so that it has a tier effect.


April 22, 2008. Mounts.

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