Need a Cool and Easy Cheerleading Fundraiser?


This year my squad had what we call a cheerleading clinic. We brought in all of the elementary girls who were too young to be on the cheerleading squad and we taught them our cheers (the easy ones). For just $5 these “wanna be” cheerleaders got the opportunity to cheer with us the first half, and half time of our Parent Alumni game (parents/alumni vs the teams) These girls just loved it. We started out “cheerleading practice” with them just as we did normally. Then we broke them up into two groups to teach them the sideline cheers one on one. We taught them time out cheers, quarter cheers and a half time cheer. We ended practice with putting up the little girls in our mounts including an extension prep (4 person lift). For the little girls “uniform” they used their P.E. clothes.


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This is SUPER crazy!!!

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LOL! This picture was actually taken my 7th grade year of cheerleading in 2003. Shhh don’t tell these girls I posted this! They would be appalled!

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The middle girl is actually sitting on the base with her knees on either side of her this time. If you are concerned about the girls on the end with their legs up, just put snaps on all of the girls skirts.

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The “Center Piece”


For the next few mount pictures this is the foundation of the mount. The base needs to be a bigger girl, and when I say bigger I mean bigger than the flyer. As you can see in the picture that is not the case, but the base was very sturdy so it works. Ideally if the base is larger, the flyer can stay up longer. The flyer mounts the base by placing her hands on the over base’s hip and then lifts herself up knees first (base must be as low as possible; it works better if she has her elbows on her knees for support). Flyer must stay bent in half until she has her balance, then sit up, hand in a high V. To dismount, flyer must slide her legs to either side of the base in a straddle position and then slide down.

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The referees have always been blind, it’s our job to make them deaf. ~Author Unknown

Just a reminder for all of those cheerleaders who love the sport that they cheer for, it is never your job to tell the ref anything. At one time I had 6 brothers on the school’s basket ball team. I of all people know what it is like to watch my little brothers get practically beat up and then the ref call a foul on them! Of all the things!!!! I love to cheer for this sport because I love to play it. So I’m no dummy when it comes to the rules of the game. But as a cheerleader our ONLY job is to keep the crowd pumped up and cheer for our boys (loosing or winning). The crowd many times takes their cue from us. If we are throwing our pom poms at the refs and yelling at them, besides us getting a technical, the crowd is going to go crazy. If we, as cheerleaders, have a good attitude before, during, and after the game and glorify God at ALL TIMES, maybe, just maybe that attitude will be reflected in others also.

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Cheerleaders know that pyramids were not built in Egypt.


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Any man can hold a girl’s hand, but only the elite can hold her feet.  ~Author Unknown

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The Double Pyramid


These are what we call our double pyramids. We normally use these during a free throw or a rebound. You can start your cheer and go into the mount really easy(if there is no stomping involved). It makes it easier on the bases if they cross their arms with the each other as you can see them doing in the picture. The flyer must stay on the balls of her feet in order to keep her balance on the bases, the further back she is on their back the better. Bases remember to keep your heads up with a smile!

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Starting with the basics

Every cheer is formed from the basic motions. Every move you see in a cheer is built off of the fundamentals. Here is a link to a great video just copy and paste it into the URL address at the top of the screen. Check it out, it is helpful for creating your own motions and steps to a cheer.

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What NOT to do in tryouts!!!!

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